Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween and House of The Rising Sun Helps Out

Though there were some excellent costumes from Hazen's High Schoolers, a middle school student took first place in our costume contest today during lunch.
Following core classes, the middle school students and teachers enjoyed a community camp-fire, freshly pressed apple cider, and hand-made treats.
On Wednesday, House of the Rising Sun spent it's second day volunteering in the community gardens at Atkins Field. The kids, along with teachers and community volunteers, built a dozen new raised garden beds, repaired some already existing ones, and dug a pumpkin patch in front of the granite shed.

Highlights of the day included a sense of accomplishment at breaking through the frozen ground, filling the completed beds with healthy living topsoil, and finding a railroad spike a foot underground; a piece of history from the heyday of the Woodbury Granite Company, when the railroad went right through the granite sheds.