Friday, October 9, 2015

Theme Poster Presentation, Negotiated Learning, and House 2 Has a Name

After weeks of developing higher level questions about themselves and the world, sharing their questions in groups to find common thread, and building on that common thread to establish and expand on a theme, the house formerly known as house two presented their themes today.

In groups of 3 to 8, students presented their theme posters to the entire house, complete with connections to the core disciplines (math, science, english, and global citizenship) and ideas for negotiated learning projects. All students then voted on a theme poster, knowing that the theme with the most votes would become our new house name and guide this year's negotiated learning projects. All groups did a fantastic job identifying a theme that linked their interests and emphasized positive work in the community.

The theme that won the day was "embracing the future," and the house formerly known as house two is now.......

House of the Rising Sun

Stay tuned.