Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Culmination of Caring

Hazen Union's Middle Level has recently concluded a holiday season of discovering and meeting of the needs of our community members, across the socioeconomic and age spectrums.

Cookies for Caring was initiated by students as part of an ongoing community-based project.  Each day students would take orders and bake a variety of cookies and banana bread.  For every order fulfilled, Hazen students would duplicate that order to donate to the Hardwick Food Pantry.

The Necessities Pantry arose when Middle Level students sent an anonymous survey out to the entire school, and realized there was a need for a discreet way for students to acquire basic hygienic products.  Items such as soaps, deodorants, toothpaste and many others are now available to students at Hazen who have a need for these necessities.

Students are still hard at work collecting warm winter clothes for the Refugee Drive.  Hats, mittens, winter coats and boots are being collected to support those who are new to the United States and unused to the frigid Vermont winters.

The Middle Level here at Hazen has continued to host social events for the senior citizens in our community.  Prior to the holiday break, multi-generational Hardwick community members visited over tea and gingerbread cookies.

Looking around the school and seeing students assisting those in our community who could use a little extra support is simply incredible.  Seeing an entire community engaged with young adults is life-changing.  We hope to continue this level of outreach and caring.