Friday, January 22, 2016

Energy Audit!

The Hazen Middle School students are beginning an Green School Energy Challenge for all of Hazen Union. They will be working with Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) to conduct an Energy Audit.

Some of the goals for this are the following:
● Provide educational opportunities that increase the awareness and understanding of energy use in the school community.
● Initiate team based projects to reduce carbon emissions, carbon footprint, or fossil fuel use by increasing efficiency, conservation, and/or renewable generation.

Middle School students will be collecting data to be used for this Energy Challenge. Students will be assigned different rooms to be calculating energy usage. Students will be entering classrooms/office spaces over the next few weeks. At times, they will be making observations or collecting data on electricity usage and lighting. Students will also be announcing and explaining the project of Hibernation Vacation. We will be starting this project on January 25th and continuing through March.