Saturday, January 23, 2016

HRS 7th Grade Science- Life Science Models

In science class we have been learning about cells. We learned most of the cell parts. Like how the Nucleus controls the cell. We got brought in a life situation about a girl that drowned. Some how she came back to life. We researched, and used prior knowledge to create a model about how this could be possible, and why she survived. Our diagrams showed her lungs and brain before she drowned, when she was drowning, and after she drowned. We will continue to study about cells, and body systems to help us figure out how she survived. Our theory for now is that the cells that stayed alive reproduced, and made more cells to help her survive.  We have to study more about the cells, and our body. We should also read more about the girl, and what the hospital had to do to help her comeback to life. I would like to end up finding what happened to the girl.  Science class lately has been fun class, and we are learning a lot.


- Abby Ewan