Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hibernation Vacation

In conjunction with our energy audit and promotion of a "hibernation vacation" over February break, students recorded PSAs to explain phantom power and promote conservation. The videos needed to be creative and engaging while also conveying the most crucial information. The PSA below is an example of unfettered creativity at its finest. It will be shown to Hazen Staff in an effort to promote participation in hibernation vacation. Equipment and training for the energy audit was provided through a grant our house received from the Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP).

Check out the PSA that was presented to staff this afternoon:

And have a look at the "Hibernation Vacation Checklist":

Hibernation Vacation Checklist

These are all of the things that you need to remember to unplug before you leave for vacation. If you do not have something on this list simply cross it out.

Turn off lights [  ]

Unplug all appliances that will not be used [  ]

Unplug chargers/power strips and computers [  ]

Unplug TVs, Speakers, Projectors and Movie Players [  ]

Unplug Coffeemakers and Mini Fridges [  ]