Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Introduction to Online Learning

Beginning this year, all seventh grade students will be taking a short "Introduction to Online Learning" class. The class is administered online so students get the experience of taking an online class before taking one for credit. This prepares them for online learning, as well as helping students determine whether or not it's a good option for them. The first round of this class has just finished; below is one student's perspective.

Online Learning
by Deanna Gann

Online learning is a great experience. I am in a class of students who think that there is no point to online learning; they think “what’s the point?” The point is that online learning is a way for kids to learn that is just different from other ways of learning. People may take online learning because they may begin to fall behind in their classes, online learning can help the students get back to the place they need to be. Another reason people choose online learning is because at their school they can not get a certain class they want to take. So by taking online learning they can take those classes. Online learning is personalized, students can take the classes at their own pace. Money is another big reason that schools are choosing online learning. When money is tight and they have to get rid of classes and programs schools turn to online learning to do that class. What if our school had to cut it’s science program entirely. The school could use online learning to have the students take the classes online.

Online learning teaches the same things they do in school, so parents who think “My kid is going to fall behind the other students because they are taking online classes” are wrong. Students may learn at their own pace, but over time they will be at the same place all the other students are. Lots of students join online learning to catch up with their work if they are falling behind in their classwork. Online learning isn't just a child playing on the computer. No, the teachers care about your child’s education, just like any teacher in a face-to-face classroom. Your student can email or even call the teacher if they have any questions.

At first I thought, “Well why would I want to do online learning?” Now I know that it really helps in some places where regular schools can’t. I personally don’t like talking to the teacher face to face, I think that when I talk to them in person I stutter and I don’t do as well whereas online, I don’t see them and I can do all of the work the way I want to do it. Some parents say “My kids don’t have time for online learning.” Well the reality is, if your kid has time to go to regular school, then he or she can have time for online learning. If your kid is busy then he/she doesn’t have to do it at that time. Which is another great part of online learning, it is very flexible when it comes to when students log on to do their work. Online learning is a way for kids to do their learning the way they want to do it. Online learning is something that soon many people are going to start doing, kid’s will learn to love it and soon everyone will be doing online learning, with the help of the teachers and at their own pace.