Friday, May 6, 2016

Watershed Week

Today, we had students from UVM come to teach us about water pollution, and watersheds. We learned that watersheds are a piece of land that separates different flows of water, that all flow to different rivers, streams, or basins, and most of the time, these all lead to the same place (lake/pond). We also learned the many different ways that areas in our community can pollute the water. The seniors at UVM (Sam, and Ben) showed us the things that we do every day, and how they can affect the water quality. The things that people put into the ground can easily be transported into our waterways and can ruin complete ecosystems. If there is a rainstorm, the runoff can pick up the chemicals that are on/in the ground, and transport them into a river, stream or basin, and can be transported into a river, then dumped off into a major lake. We will be testing the water quality of the water Eaton Brook behind Hazen, and the Lamoille River, that flows through most of Vermont. We will be looking for indicator species that will tell us if the water quality is low, or if the water quality is good.