Tuesday, October 18, 2016



Hi everyone,

            Thank you to students who have turned in signed Ipad contracts and completed all of the digital digital citizenship lessons. Once you have met these requirements, you are able to bring your Ipad home. We are lucky to have these powerful tools for creativity and collaboration in the classroom, and happy to see you take full responsibility for and ownership of them. Below is a copy of the notice you will receive along with a few additional pieces of gear on the day you take your Ipad home. Feel free to contact any of your teachers with questions or concerns.


Mr. McIntyre on behalf of the Middle Level Team


Congratulations!  you have completed your digital citizenship courses, you are aware of all iPad policies and procedures, and you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) have signed an extensive contract.  
You may now take your iPad home!

We have a few last-minute reminders for you:

▢    Your iPad is always connected to OSSU’s filter.  Every search anyone makes on your iPad is recorded and monitored by our Tech Folks, even when you are at home.

▢    You will be responsible for your iPad when you are at home.  Please have a plan of where you will keep your iPad so it is safe and secure when you are not using it.  

  You are responsible for remembering to bring your iPad to school everyday, charged. Otherwise, you may lose the privilege to take it home.

You do not have to take your iPad home everyday. You may still plug it in your TSA room. Students who play sports- you shouldn’t take it to games as the locker room is not really a safe place.

▢     We are giving you chargers for both your iPad and keyboard.  These are your responsibility and you must replace them if they are lost or damaged.
▢  Universal Wall Box charger: $19
▢  Lightning to USB cord $10
▢ Keyboard cord $5

Please remember the contract both you and your parent/guardian signed.